New York City teen author week part 1

This week started NYC teen author week and day 1 of authors were the likes of Maggie Stiefvater, Heidi helig, Ibikaribo, and a few others. My day started out like normal for signings waking up at 8 then pushing alarm till 10:40 which was extremely late and by time got coffee to hit road truely was near 11:15 for me that’s sooo cringe worthy late, finally made it to NYC at 1:30 had kill an hour to wait for one of my best friends to come to NYC, so I hit bookoff. There were a few books I wanted to buy but stayed strong even if they were only 5 bucks for hardcovers. Then finally met my friend at Madison square garden near 2:45 picked him up and walked to the strand for the signing which they said didn’t know event will be just come later when set . So after did 2 bro’s pizza if ever go to NYC gotta do it its 1 dollar pizza and it’s normal slice it’s soooo good. After since still killing more time walked a few blocks searching from untappd for this pear beer I loved found it and went back to strand to start near the signing. Sadly dealt with some people never met who were catty, but won’t go into details. Finally settled got my front row seat and all the authors came out. Explained what they were doing 10 years ago, spoke what was in there book now, Maggie play acted from her book so if ever see her just ask her to do the chicken chapter. oh man! it’s soooo funny trust me ask her!! It’s from the Raven King. After that were q&a for everyone which most delt with diversity and Things like that and how make women’s rights and there views stronger. Then signing which wasn’t very busy. Over all fun night. 

Ps to all the photo’s check out Dave livianth his facial reactions there hilarious 

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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