New York City teen author fest part 2 

And now the part explain from other day it was a week event and hadn’t gone to second event for me for the week but this is part 2. A huge 4 hour long signing session with new authors every 30 mins with near 40ish maybe slightly +. Starts off wake up to a freezing freezing house since my heater stopped working so was 54 when woke up at 7 to head to NYC again for 1pm start time. Out the door by 8:30 bringing my none book friend krista along since she loves NYC. Ride up is the first pumping and dancing edm stations. (Ps I don’t fist pump like they say gwido “jersey” guys do or anything at all. Finally get to city near 11 Make to books of wonder by 11:30 check all books but what I like. Yadda yadda did NYC pizza, finally 1pm signing starts and met so many authors to the likes of Jeff zenter, Nicola yoon,Scott westerfield, Amy Ewing, Aimee Friedman,Maggie thrash, plus many many more 

For this Nicola was soo great she shocked me by remembering my name, only other authors who have done that is Richelle mead 😍, Jeff zenter which he did again, Sarah j maas , and Julie Eshbaugh, so was amazing time and said look forward to the movie and she said the same. Jeff zenter mostly chatted random stuff since writing still I had asked if still working on guitar and said no sadly but akways great seeing him

Amy Ewing was mostly about tattoo’s and how said one was going be only one but now has a few. 

My fav for contempory writers is gotta be Kody keplinger and always amazing to see her and was so happy to get my arc of lying out loud of hers signed normally don’t do personalizing but loved her book to much and never trading it. Plus she looked like red riding hood I thought looked cool but she said wears a lot since was having bad hair day.

Now just will post some photo’s from the event of laughs and such 

So some photo’s after hit with my friend Rupublic ramen house always amazing food there and will get full. Then last few things it was my friends first time on the subway she has flown before but never ever on a train I was utterly shocked. And had hit bookoff and my total but was 5 books for 5 dollars 

And after there tried cold stone first time for bananas & Oreo shake. Over all that was my night and now under heated blanket and a space heater reading partially perfect. And last  photo all books I got signed today 

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