Daughters Unto Devils- Amy Lukavics

“When I die, I will see hell. I whispered after we were through with our sins of the flesh, but the post boy did not hear me over the sound of water from the creek. The devil has claimed me already.”

This is classic horror mixed with little house on the prairie from hell. An incredible debut from a new mistress of horror. It takes a lot to spook me…. unless you’re Angela from Sleepaway Camp. Then I’m running for the hills and never looking back. This book is deeply disturbing and it creeped me out a bit. I won’t lie. I felt the goosebumps form on my arms, saw shadows out of the corner of my eye, and felt the hair on the back of my neck stand as I felt hidden eyes tearing through my soul. 

Any fan new or old looking for something to keep you awake at night and maybe look under the bed before going to sleep… should read this. You’ll never look at your family the same way again. 

Amanda has been keeping some earth shattering secrets from her family. On one of the nights during the harshest winter that the Verner family has ever dealt with, Amanda saw the Devil. Something so wicked that she didn’t have the courage to tell anyone. And her other secret is that she had been meeting a post boy and she is with child. Thinking the most horrible things about the child, she must decide whether to tell the father and her family or keep it a secret for as long as she can. 

Her father coming back from traveling to sell his earthly goods decides that it is time for the family to move from their tiny cabin to an even bigger one he has seen in his travels. Packing up everything that is useful, they head on their way to something that is not so cramping. 

When they finally arrive, something is instantly wrong. They can’t find a creek for water, the weeds have overgrown so bad that there might be animals lurking, and the inside of the cabin looks like it was a slaughterhouse. From floor to ceiling, completely covered in sticky blood. Revolting away from the cabin, Pa tells everyone that they will be sleeping outside until he puts new flooring down and cleans up te mess. Amanda can already feel the darkness spreading into her life more and more. With such heinous thoughts and pure hatred for her newborn baby sister. 

During a harsh winter, her Mom gave birth to her Sister, Hannah. Since Ma was so sick with a fever, her sister was born deaf and blind. Complicating the life of everyone, Hannah included. Not being able to communicate what she wants, all Hannah does is screech and cry until Ma picks her back up and hums her back to sleep.

While cleaning up the yard, they spot a boy. Zeke lives a few miles in another direction, but he uses the water pump when in need. His Father is a doctor and Ma is forever grateful for having them close by. And one day Zeke tells the kids some spooky campfire tales. But those evil tales of horror might help them in the end and they don’t know it until it might be too late. 

Things that happened should have scared the Verner family away and they should have listened to their instinct. Things go from creepy to even creepier. Now Amanda isn’t sure if the devil owns the land or if pure darkness and evil is just inside of her. 

This was a very quick and creepy read. I couldn’t put it down and finished it in less than a day. I enjoyed this a lot more than her other novel. This one wasn’t predictable at all and will keep you up at night. 
If you hear the fiddle, you better run!!!

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