Windfall- Jennifer Smith

“Well, how can you have so much faith in someone- especially someone who lets you down as much as Teddy- when you have so little faith in the world?”

Thank you First In Line for an arc copy of this book!!!

We all have had those dreams of what we would do if we won the lottery. And I’m not talking twenty or thirty dollars. I’m talking life changing millions that people throw themselves at. Where people lower their standards and morals just to be close to it. 

My dream is to buy a huge house in the middle of nowhere with floor to ceiling bookcases. Think Beauty and the Beast, but bigger and grander. Sigh! And maybe a sexy butler to hold my book and flip the pages as I read. Somewhere, someone is reading this and playing magical music for me. Thank you, darling!

You only turn eighteen once and the best way to celebrate is to throw a huge party in your tiny two-room apartment. Teddy is finally eighteen and his two best friends, Alice and Leo know the perfect way to commemorate this very special occasion. Leo buys his a pack of smokes and Alice buys him a lottery ticket. The jackpot is so enormous that no one would know what to do with all that money. Along with the lottery ticket, Alice will finally tell him how she feels about him. For the past few years, she has been gaga over him. She just never had the courage to tell him. The day is here and now. Telling him inside of a card is the way she is going lay it on the line.

Teddy is what we all like to call a douche canoe. He only does things to get what he wants and uses women like they are a pair of pants that he outgrows. Alice is still smitten and won’t give up. At the end of the party, Alice and Teddy share a kiss and images of things get complicated. To make matters even crazier…. Teddy wins the lottery. The ticket that Alice bought him hits big. Three people get to split that large jackpot. Making Teddy go from Douche to Douchier with a capital D. 

How in the world will one guy spend all that money? And of course, he does what any normal red-blooded human would do. He buys fancy clothes and a red hot sports car to make everyone envious. Is this money a blessing or a curse? This is the first time in his life that he gets to not worry about money and take care of his Mother, who stuck around after his dad split. 

Will Teddy grow up and do the right thing with the money? Or will he fall into the curse of other fallen winners? The winners circle isn’t always sweet.

Alice and Leo were amazing characters. I loved them so much and wanted nothing but bright eyes and happiness for them. Even though Alice was in love with a Douche Nozzle. What the hell did she ever see in him? A perfectly good guy who even volunteers liked her a lot and would have treated her like a princess. And what does our girl do? She turns him down!! What the hell is wrong with you, girl?
I will never understand why girls always want the bad boys until they do those stupid, idiotic things that attracted you to them in the first place. And look what happened!! You’re feelings and your heart was crushed. Stay away from Teddy, alright!? 

Besides that, the entire story was great and the back story of each character was amazingly brought through and fully developed. When life gives you lemons, you must squirt it in people’s eyes. Life has a mysterious way of leading you astray and it could change it for the better.

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