A poison dark and drowning by jessica cluess

This is book 2 of a shadow bright and burning.

This by far with perfect by felcia ahern and few other books is my most #1 anticipated read. Thank you aurora for the lend it means the world since I talked book 1 soo much.  But this starts off where last book started with Henrietta has now became queens sorcer since she helped kill one of the ancients. The question now is slowly in book 1 rook was slowly getting sicker since he is unclean and goes further into that can Henrietta help him get better or turn into the monster she is afraid he will be. There is other things you learn that makes this book pretty curious but I won’t spoil that. But finally to say I still loved this book but first 150 pages to near 200 had not a lot going for it minus a short quest for some items that might help defeat all the ancients. Last but not least still going into this book it’s still a love triangle or squarish but majority it’s 2 people Henrietta has feelings for and I’m happy for now my ship is intact :). Hoping it stays that way. And not often do I read a book where I’m sooo heavly invested who Henrietta dates but this one is. Last one to that was born at midnight series which is amazing and by cc hunter. So over all 5/5 stars and now has became in category of all time fav series spot.  Sooo please please read book 1 if you haven’t if you have pre order this since such amazing series and great covers trust me look at them ;). 5/5 stars 😍~~~~ JUSTIN 

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