Words In Deep Blue- Cath Crowley

“These must be the most depressing words in the history of love. I tried really hard to love you. I’m not certain of a lot of things, but I’m certain of this- when I’m old and I have dementia when my brain has aged to smoke, these are words I will remember.”

Received an arc copy from First In Line, thanks!!! 

Who knew that robots could try to show emotions and feelings?

What would you do if the one thing you loved the most in the world took away the glue to your family? Someone you loved with all your heart? Would you let it destroy your life? Or would it help you learn and grow? Beep… boop…beep… Did you guys hear that? It’s Rachel talking….

Am I the only person who didn’t care for this emotionless book? I got better feelings from a wet paper bag!!

Rachel always had a huge crush on Henry. His family owned a secondhand bookstore and with a letter wall for people to leave notes in or on, life there was never boring. Before Rachel leaves, she places a note for Henry inside his favorite book. She expresses her feelings and pours her heart out. Giving him instructions to find her and he never does. 

Moving away with her mom and Cal. She picks up her life and believes she found out what to do with her life. Marine Biology might just be her calling in life. And then tragedy strikes. On the beach one day, Cal decides to go swimming. After awhile, Mom notices that she hasn’t seen Cal come up. Finding him in the water, but it was a tad too late. The ocean took his life making Rachel distance herself from something she is extremely passionate about. This ruins her life and her moms. It destroys whatever plans they all had for the future. Rachel fails out of school and can’t deal with life. She does the only thing she can do… she moves back to where her lost life and lost love exists.

Living with her Aunt Rose, Rose decides she can move back and find a job. Not going back to school, unless she feels that it is necessary. Once she gets there, she finds out that she will be working side by side with Henry. Can she push the past aside and live her life? Or will she let the world swallow her whole?

Henry is in love with his girlfriend Amy and spent the last day of the world with her which sealed his fate. Planning to go around the world with her and she leaves him broken and devastated. Did he ever see the note that Rachel left for him? Or was his head so far up his ass that he didn’t even notice?

A secondhand bookstore full of memories, good and bad and blooming love. Will the power of books make unimaginable doors open and happiness shine through? I hope a pit of blackness consumes them all. 

The concept for this book was fantastic. Finding your true love in a bookstore. Talk about gush-worthy. But who the hell tells people that it is okay to write inside of books or even bend pages?
 Infuriating!! Mother f-ing robots, that’s who!!
Every character was so emotionless and dull. I really thought that once they got into the water that they would all rust and destroy each other. But what we really got was a five-way romance, horrible people who do horrible things to books and a dead kid writing letters to a wannabe mean girl. No, no, no, no thanks!!!

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