Attachments by rainbow Rowell 

What would you do of you were back in the late 90’s being paid sit around all night to read people emails? Yup you heard right paid to spy. That’s how it is for Lincoln . He hates the job since when he applied it sayes internet security or computer security so he thought he would be working on code or using fire walks from hackers he didn’t think he would just be reading people’s emails and snitching on them.  Slowly thru the months 2 girls Beth and Jen there emails is flagged a lot and thru that Lincoln slowly starts to like and maybe love Beth even though that’s weird since never met her or even chatted once so how can he be liking her. Plus one other down fall that doesn’t help him Beth has a boyfriend since start of college.  Can Lincoln survive this job so he can get his own place and away from certain memories I won’t say what or just say know what I’m out. Plus he is 28 and on weekends plays dungeons and dragons which right there calls hey I’m really trying to be a epic single nerd. So I can say this book is weird but I really enjoyed the story since if can get past Lincoln shyness is pretty cool dude even with playing d&d so all you can do is cheer for him. And interesting slowly how maybe the 2 can meet even if slightly diffrent shifts. Since when think about it his job is sooo odd. So who knows. And a big sweet is in order this was my second RR book and this one I liked compared to carry on which I didn’t dunno why since was like Harry Potter. ~~~~~ 5/5 ~~~~~ JUSTIN 

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