What To Say Next- Julie Buxbaum (Arc)

“I realize we all walk around pretending like we have some control over our fate because to recognize – that no matter what we do, the bottom will fall out when we least expect it- is just too unbearable to live with.”

We have all had that one crush. The one person we looked at nonstop, who we dreamed about and who we changed who we were to make ourselves more appealing to that person. And then we all grow up. You are successful and taking over the world one karate chop at a time. Then you spot that High School crush! He still has that million dollar swoon smile, he’s balder than an eagle, is sporting two kids by his side and can pound brews like he’s in college. All you can really think to yourself is…. Phew! Dodged a bullet with that one!

Not everything is as good as it seems. With one blink of an eye, your entire life can change and not for the better. Kit finds out the hard way that her life isn’t so perfect. 

Kit is one of those girls that becomes popular due to an association. Even though she is pretty and smart, she wouldn’t be where she is today without her friends. Lately, she has been getting away with murder because of the tragic accident that took her dad’s life. He was in a car accident and dies shortly after he was rushed to the hospital. Not liking the way she has been treated lately, she decides to shit with the kid people refer to as S**thead. 

David is what we like to call different. He’s quiet and takes everything extremely literally. He has been diagnosed with Aspergers, but he doesn’t believe that he fits the description. Everything in his life has to be just so and he is at the top of his class. Talk about genius!! He’s picked on incessantly, which makes him a loner in his school. His sister is none other than Lauren, who was the most popular girl in the school and she is helping him get through school life with a list of rules on how to act in school. 

As Kit walks into the lunchroom, she decides to head into another direction and she sits with David. Which shocks not only her but him as well. Not knowing what to do, he talks to her and tells her like it is without a filter and she loves it. She needs that honesty in her life right now with people acting like they are walking on eggshells around her. This is a breath of fresh air for her. Not she makes it a daily habit of spending her lunch with him and maybe some time in between. 

They decide that they are going to figure out what exactly happened with her dad’s car crash and see if they can come up with an answer to the accident. But someone isn’t being honest when it comes to being out in the open. 

Then the secret notebook comes to light and it spreads throughout the land. Destroying the hopes and ambitions of young David. 

David falls hard for Kit and with the help of his sister, he’ll do what it takes to win her heart. But will this feeling be mutual or a failure from the start?

I had the highest of hopes for this book. My friend just raves and rants about this authors books and I was excited to dive right in after receiving it from First in Line. From page one I was instantly disappointed. The two main characters seemed so fake. That their friendship was built on the good ship lollipop floating through hell. Guess what!? It doesn’t exist… it’s all a lie. I’m not sure what I was more upset with, the fact that their friendship was fake to the max or that the words they use to talk to each other weren’t anything normal. 

It was truly rough to get through most of this book. The scenario just seemed so unreal and blown out of proportion. It makes me want to take off the other book of her from my TBR. 

Who wants a free arc?

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