Only Daughter- Anna Snoekstra (Arc)


“I’ve always been good at pretending. At playing roles. I realize that’s what I’ve been doing here. Being a tourist in someone else’s life. A parasite. I am always wearing a mask, playing a character. Perhaps because I’m afraid of what will be under the mask, something ugly maybe or worse, nothing at all.”

Received an arc at BEA Chicago 2016!

This has been one of the greatest debuts from one of the nicest authors I have ever met. She even signed my book. Paws off, everyone!!

Only Daughter had the perfect mix of the past and the present and terrifying scenes to make you have trust issues for the rest of your life. You think you might know someone, but you’ll never see their demons until it’s too late.

Being the only daughter is rough when you have two younger brothers who cry and whine that you never invite them to do anything with you. Bec has great friends, has a job, crushing on an older man and loves to shoplift with her best friend. One night she feels something in her room, sees something with her eyes and then it was gone. But she now has that feeling like someone is always watching her, following her home from work and it makes the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. And then she was gone.

The unnamed girl lives quite a not so glamorous life. Her dad wants her to come clean about the credit card theft she has done and doesn’t think her home life is all that worth living. She decides to live on the streets. Not knowing where she’ll sleep at night or even if she’ll have food in her belly to make her strength last throughout the day. Until she notices a news report about a missing girl. They look like twins, except for a few very light differences, but not enough to make people guess.

Eleven years later, Bec comes home. She claims to have escaped. All she wants to do it go home and be with her family. What we find out is that the unnamed girl is taking the place of the real Bec. Pretending to be her and lying to her family all for the comfort of love, a warm bed and an endless supply of meals.

As days lead into weeks and the Police are no closer to finding her so-called kidnapper(s), she must keep up this charade of being Bec. Her brothers come home and join in on the welcome home parade. Things seem to be getting fishier and fishier. And then the mysterious text messages start to pop up on her phone about get out and hurry before it’s too late…. let’s not forget about the black van that keeps following her.

Things progress and your heart is in your throat….. What will happen to this imposter? Will Becs family ever learn the truth of their dau disappearance?

I’ve read a lot of reviews about this book and a lot of them complain about the ending. I thought the ending was original and fantastic. Who would have seen that coming? It was almost perfect. There were a few things that kind of bugged me about this, but they were forgettable with a story that was as well written as this one.

I might have found a new genre that is now capturing my interest. Move over shirtless beefcakes and let the murders commence!!


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