Everything For Her- Alexa Riley

“Reaching between us, he takes the glass from my hand but doesn’t make contact with my fingers. I’m mesmerized by him, and I easily let him take it from me. I watch as he turns the glass, placing his lips where mine were, and takes a drink of the whiskey. My eyes move to his throat, where his prominent Adam’s apple moves as he drinks the liquid down. Once he’s finished, he pulls his lips away slightly, then licks the remaining drop left on the rim of the glass.”

That has to be my favorite scene in this entire book. Totally swoon worthy! 

All your life you thought that maybe your luck has changed. You finally found a friend who you can actually call a sister, you graduated from a prestigious school and you landed the most wanted internship. But what if that was all planned? 

We all know that if you have money you can get away with anything…..even murder. Could you love a man who has your entire life planned out? From the time you enter college to the time you’re ready to hold your first serious job. He lays it all at your feet and you don’t know about it. I find that extremely creepy, but since you have money I guess people are okay with that. 

From the first time Miles laid his eyes on Mallory he knew she was the one. Her being too young stopped his brakes, but it lead him to plant the seed of a bigger and better life for her. Getting a full ride to Yale and after graduating starting an internship at his company. 

Still clueless about her new fancy life, she meets Miles. Not wanting to give away too much information, he tells her to call him Oz. Someone who will stay hidden behind the curtain to make sure she is well taken care of. 

The problem is that he can’t keep his eyes or his hands off of her and she feels the same way. Their relationship goes from zero to sixty at the drop of a zipper. They are instantly smitten with one another and it’s instant love. Something that is happening too fast. 

Mallory loves her job, her life and her best friend Paige. All this comes to a standstill as she learns the truth. The truth of her actual life. How she got her scholarship and her internship. Something that can ruin everything. 

Will Mallory let this ruin her almost perfect life? It will she look past the creep factor and enjoy what is laid out in front of her?

If this scenario happened to anyone else, this would have been considered stalking. Someone would be in jail. If he was not as attractive and not as rich, he would have been deemed psycho. Everything changes when you flash your sapphire eyes, wear your crisp shirt and you smell of honey and warm amber. 

Other than those problems, this was a sweet and interesting read. The characters were instantly likable. The back story to the characters were fully developed and not thrown at you all at once. 

It was extremely different that the authors added what happened down the line. From nine months to even twenty years after the end of the story. At first it threw me off but I enjoyed it the more I thought about it. 
Something sweet and easy to deal with a stressful life. Sometimes we all need a break like this. 

Now let me have a little wine with this cheese!!


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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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