Children of the Dark- Jonathan Janz


“The week I saw seventeen people die didn’t begin with blood, monsters, or a sadistic serial killer. It all began with a baseball game.

I’m always up for trying new books that scare me enough that I have to try to sleep with the light on and with the cover over my face while probably losing nights of precious sleep. After seeing this cover, I thought that this might be the one.

I found this book while reading an article in a book magazine. The synopsis was dark and disturbing and the cover makes you think of all things horrifying. And I was hooked. But the end result wasn’t what I wanted. Definitely different, but I’ll sleep like a baby. Not sure I’ll ever walk into any wooded area, but at least I’m sleeping.

On an underside note: this author might have a serious problem about making peaches crumble. I mean, Bam! Right in the crotch!

Will Burgess is what we all know as a geek and some of his friends don’t help either. His name is always up for ridicule. His dad up and abandoned him and his mom at a very young age and his mom is addicted to pain pills. His life can’t seem to get any worse. He’s a star player on the baseball team and tonight is the night that they need a big win. Who would have thought that maybe winning this baseball game could ruin his life even more? The bullying gets worse and he has his eyes on another prize. Someone else’s girlfriend.

Mia is who he has eyes on, but his bully is her boyfriend. That doesn’t stop her from flirting with Will. They set something up to sneak away and have some fun near the lake. Will and his friends and Mia and her friends make their way there. Mia and Will go off on their own and she spots something horrifying in the woods. Something with milky white skin, big green glowing eyes, and teeth that could rip anything apart in seconds.

They make a break for it, but not before getting into trouble for sneaking out of the house so late. while they were having their little rendezvous, a news flash popped up on the residents of Shadelands television screens. The Moonlight Killer has escaped and he might be headed back to town. Could that have been the thing they have witnessed in the woods?

Things go from strange to right out disturbing as these things terrorize whoever step foot into the woods. At this point, maybe the Moonlight Killer is the least of their worries.

I wasn’t overly pleased with this book. I wish the story would have stuck with one terrorizing thing and not two. It took a lot away from the serial killer. And I know that he probably didn’t want to make anything obvious, but sometimes that’s what we need in a book. As this book ripped me back and forth between the serial killer and these moon children, my thoughts on this book went high and then low. Settling right in the middle.

Not as scary at all. I wanted to lose sleep and I slept like a baby that night with the lights off. Someone needs to scare me! Come on!!


On a side note: Welcome back, E.T.!!!

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