Four Weeks, Five People by Jennifer Yu (dual blog post) 

Going into this book I was in much need of lighterish real world book since I just done acowar, obsidian and stars and the black witch 2 which are 500+ pages so I’m fantasy’ed out top it off some issues came up in my real world so I need fluffier stuff so expect contemporary binge.  So this book starts out with meeting the cast of this book as there heading to camp. You saying oooo there about to go fun camp but your wrong. There going to camp to help reflect on life and get better since each character each has a flaw like Andrew has a eating disorder, mason is just to into himself, Ben has to much up’s and downs. Stella no idea her issue never did figure it out and Clarissa has OCD where most has to end at 7. So going into this book most self help books have a theme like start off so negative then slowly characters see a change slowly get more confident and better well in this just my oppion on it was it missed its mark. Since didn’t have as much reflecting of that and now focusing just on daily life. Closest one who i think had a issue was drew surprising with his eating disorder and what goes thru the mind, I can say that not me but I dated someone who has a disorder and sounded like her. So thru whole book I’m cheering Andrew on. Other more relatable characters I’d cheer for is Ben and Clarissa. But besides drew. Other characters just didn’t seem to flow that well and reason didn’t think this worked to its conclusion. Soo def lighter than read but was a no go 3/5 stars ~~~~~~JUSTIN

“I can feel the words getting louder and louder with every bounce back until they are vibrating through my head until they are vibrating through my body until they are everything until they are inside me until I am light until I am stars until I am a supernova until I am nothing but words ringing in an infinity of space.”

This was labeled as one of the summers top reads and I’m trying to figure out why!? The synopsis is a y.a.’s wet dream and it was extremely hard to make a connection. The story was slow moving with characters that were very stereotyped and cry-babyish. I don’t see myself recommending this to anyone. 

Five teens come together for four weeks at a wilderness therapy summer camp. They all have their own problems that they are all trying to overcome. With each chapter we get the separate views of each individual character as you learn why they are really at this camp. 

Clarissa is obsessive compulsive, Mason believes everyone is an idiot but him, Ben would rather live in a fictional world, Andrew has an eating disorder which he thinks ruined his chance at his band becoming big and Stella is the bitch of the group who has trust issues. 

Some of these teens has more bigger issues than the other, but they all know that they need help. With a set schedule they will be able to better handle their situation while also breaking some of the rules. 

Will this camp help them overcome their illnesses to have a better life and have a better outlook to the future? 

I liked the idea of this camp who helps teens deal with their issues. It’s unique compared to all the other mental health ya books out in the world, but I couldn’t look past the darkness of most of the characters. They tried a little bit too hard to come off as rule breaking. I didn’t see the point of that. 

The only character that I felt was genuine was Andrew. His story was the most heartbreaking out of them all and I hope she furthers his story. 

The cover is very appealing, but I’m confused by the blandness of the title. I’m sure if she put more thought into it she could have come up with a better title. 


2/5 *Stacy*

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