Cici Reno- Kristina Springer 

“But nothing is going to happen. I’m not his type. Boys don’t fall for girls like me. They fall for girls like you. I always knew what the deal was.”

Today was a horrible day for me. I woke up and knew that today wasn’t going to be anything but miserable. Then I started to read this book. It was absolutely adorable, upbeat and positive. An instant mood enhancer. 

Cici Reno is the girl everyone goes to when they have problems. If you need a quick and honest answer, Cici is your girl. Way better than a magic eight ball. But what happens when you’re the one that needs answers? 

Cici’s best friend Aggie spent the Summer in Florida with her dad and new step-mom and something is different about her. And boy do they let you know about it in this book. She bloomed this summer and now everyone gawks and talks about her. 

Aggie has been crushing on her best friends brothers friend, Drew and they decide this year is the year that they make this situation a reality. They come up with a plan to get Aggie and Drew together. Since Aggie is a walking and talking disaster when it comes to boys, Cici will pretend to be her on Twitter. But they will play it secretly until Aggie gets the confidence she needs to confront Drew. What could go wrong? 

Drew and “Aggie” hit it off online and Drew is ready to meet this mystery girl who has taken his heart. When they meet, it seems that they are hitting it off. But something is different. Cici is jealous. Deep down in her soul jealous. 

Talking to him online has made them connect in a way that makes Cici’s heart beat faster. What will she do as she watches her friend score the one guy she wants? 

There are a few things that make this relatable and current to almost everyone. Sisters before misters, yoga, fresh coffee and the heavy presence of social media. A lot more kids are turning to social media to find their next one and only. And this sets the pace for what is actually happening. 

The story was current, the characters were super relatable and lovable. I actually really enjoyed almost everything about this book. A happy, light, cute story of helping a friend in need. 

What I didn’t like was the lying and no repercussions. They obviously lied to a boy to get attention and when the plan falls flat, nothing really happens. I think it would have been better to teach a lesson. But it would have changed the entire story. 

Still a fun read for a crummy day.

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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