Lucky in love by kasie west 

Going into this book being its a kasie west book I was soooo super siked and proubly by far my waited book I wanted at Bea when found out owlcrate was going to be dropping the book. But this book is about maddie who is everything to a t with organization to school work her love is animals and the zoo. On her 18th birthday some events unfold and so she is at a convience store and clerk in a not so nice way convinces her to buy a lottery tix. As can see this is a from rags to riches book. Sooo to go in when you think kasie west you think these adorably fluffy books like fill in boyfriend, ps I like you, ect ect. Well i thought this book didn’t hit even near enough fluff at all and was sooo sad only had afew parts then rest was her talking about her money and everyone asking for this bit end and end. And to top it off I felt the issues were barely solved… And oh just like that we’re happy but seeked just to easy. I don’t want to spoil but a big part was with brother’s issue. But by far my least liked of kasie west’s books. 2/5 stars 

~~~~ JUSTIN 

Victoria schwab and epic reads meet up 

So I fortune enough to meet Victoria again for a 5th time. I orginally didn’t think I was going to this event since with Bookcon the week before and ALA next week. I didn’t request it off, well day before the event I relized I was 8:45-4:45 which 95% of the time I don’t get that shift but day before I relized I did so I Called ahead to reserve my spot. Get there find my friends who I Iv met from last signings and chill and talk books that whole fun stuff. Finally authors show up which is Victoria showed up and other authors in bad but author aslyum series and the testing series author. Both as well have new books called house of furies & house of Eden. So author of the testing comes down first this is different type of signing since was big giant circle but I can say is she is quirky as hell. Not Ava’s thing but maybe more than I’m used to but ever so nice. And asked about covers which is usual didn’t get much say in cover. I ask if liked it and what’s a small fact that most readers won’t know about your covers. With this author didn t get to all 3 but oh well. Victoria answer was same 90% no say say minus blah bad now where she decided on the title of the book and more so the cover. And this savage song orginally had a different cover that she loved but was swapped out and she at first didn’t like as much but now loves her cover. And last author didn’t have a say at all but just let the publishing people do her work they know what does best. So after did photo’s and running joke started by Jen my friend was since on tour to get matching tattoo’s haha. Author of aslyum was like sure and I know Victoria is down and she goes what I just heard my name and I’m down and explained tattoo’s and was like hell yea!! It was funny. So photo’s then ended the night if red robin with friends and the short hour drive home. And my friend was nice enough to gift me becky’s new book. 

Wild Beauty – Anna-Marie McLemore


A beautiful story about the lengths one will go to keep the things and the people they love safe.

Summary: Estrella is a Nomeolvides woman. These women tend to the gardens of La Pradera, blooming exquisite flowers that burst from their hands. Estrella and her cousins are destined to tend to the gardens their whole lives, or otherwise face a devastating fate. And if these girls love someone too deeply, their lovers vanish. After all the girls fall in love with the same person, a wish brings the girls a gift they never saw coming: a boy who does not remember his name or his past. But this boy will help piece together the mysteries of La Pradera and what it means to love someone too deeply. Anna-Marie McLemore is a master storyteller who brings a lush story about family and loss and what it means to love someone with all your heart.

This intriguing and beautifully written story is one that cannot be described in just one word. Anna-Marie McLemore’s story is pure magic, one that will leave you speechless and wanting to bottle and savor her words for the rest of your life. Anna-Marie’s writing is so captivating and addictive, it’s hard not to notice the magic her words bring to the story and to the world around us.

The aspect of love in this story is strong and beautiful and realistic. The lengths Estrella and her family go to protect their loved ones demonstrates what anyone would do for the people they love. The romantic love in this story is only a part of the story, and I enjoyed how the focus of the story was not just on the romance between the characters but on what it means to be a family.

There are not enough words in the dictionary to give this beautiful book justice. Anna-Marie’s writing is such a treat, and I will definitely be reading her other work. This is a wonderfully crafted story you will not want to miss. Wild Beauty comes out in September, so remember to pick up this magical tale!


The Map That Leads To You- JP Monninger 

“Have you ever heard someone say that books are places we visit and that when we run into people who have read the books we have read, it’s the same as if we have traveled to the same locations? We know something about them because they have lived in the same worlds we have lived. We know what they live for.”

Thanks, Kelly S. (One of my favorite people) for an arc copy of this book!!

I had a weird feeling going through this book that the end was going to make everything better, that I was going to cry my eyes out and then have to explain to everyone at work why I was blubbering like a baby while sick. But it didn’t happen. It reads just like a Nicolas Sparks novel and I didn’t lose it once. Disappointment over not crying has finally set in. What is life?

Heather and her two best friends just graduated from college. They had made summer plans to travel through Europe before they officially have to become adults. They will leave all their cares behind and enjoy the single life in a different country. 

Heather got a prestigious job with Bank of America but needs to release some steam before she makes the move to New York and work becomes everything she breathes. 

And off they go on an adventure of a lifetime. The sights and sounds are even better than what they ever could have imagined. 

No one knew that getting on a train to Amsterdam would change all of their lives. And I’m not sure which way it will turn. Heather meets a man who looks like Hugh Jackman and his smile melts her insides completely. They strike up a conversation and fate was on her side today. 

Jack is traveling the Europe countryside living through a journal that his Grandfather had written after the second World War. He wants to see things his Grandfather has seen and live those experiences in his memory. He invites Heather along and she agrees with every ounce of her being. Smitten isn’t the word here, it’s so much more and they both know it. 

As they travel and their love grows fonder with every day, Heather just has this feeling that Jack might be hiding something but doesn’t want this perfect memory to evaporate over a paranoia.

But Jack is hiding something. Plans that were talked about might come to a crashing halt if secrets are spilled. Will this end something so beautiful that has just started to bloom? 

This was such a romantic and loving book. I just didn’t care for the ending. I wanted whimsical. Something that would knock my breath away, something that I could dream about and be jealous of. I can’t decide if it was sweet or just highly annoying. The characters names were a tad bit on the boring side. I just figured that with a story like this that the names would be more memorable. 

Besides all those petty and low key complaints, this was an enjoyable book. Not sure I took anything away from this besides that Men can be pretty arrogant. I would still recommend this book for people who believe in fate and that love can cure all.

Not go out and find your Jack or Heather!


Mean Girls- Micol Ostow


“That is so fetch.
Regina whirled to Gretchen. Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen. It’s not going to happen she snapped, deadly serious.”

To be honest, I haven’t seen this movie since it came out and I’m not even certain that I’ve seen all of it. But once I learned they were turning it into a novel, I had to get my hands of this bitchiness.

Growing up, we all went to school with a Regina. We witnessed, we lived, and maybe we sampled all the evil that was dished out by one person. Who knows, maybe you were the Regina. Just remember, your hair….. sooo cute!

All Cady Heron knows is Africa. This is her home, where she was raised and where she learned to live and grow. All of a sudden an offer that her family can’t refuse rips her from the comfort of home and homeschooling. Now like every red-blooded teenager, she has to spend the remainder of her high school years inside of a high school with other normal teenagers.

Entering a strange land for the first time can over extremely overwhelming and Cady finds herself comparing high school life to survival on the Savannah Desert. Things don’t seem that much different after all.

Cady quickly becomes friends with Janis and Damian. They fill her in on all the different cliques that fill their High School and at the top of the food chain clique are the Plastics. They are high school royalty and anyone would die to get close to them, but getting to be a part of their group is not an easy feat. Something different happens that first week of school and Regina (Head Plastic) saves Cady from being humiliated by one of the Jocks. This begins Cady’s spiral to be one of the Plastics.

Damian and Janis are excited that Cady was selected to be the chosen one and they come up with a plan to bring down the Plastics. Little by little, they tear down the walls that are surrounding Regina and hit her where it hurts with her friends, her weight, and even her boyfriend. The plan slowly starts to come together, but not before taking Cady down with the Plastics.

This was a great novelization of a movie. Most times these fail to get the entire story across, but this one did a fantastic job. It was a great starter book for when I was sick. I can’t remember most of the movie but some of the most iconic scenes stick out at me and were dead on. Now I know what I might be up to this weekend!

Thanks, BEA 17 NYC and Owlcrate!!!



Introduction Time!

Hi everyone!

First off, I wanted to say Thank-You to Justin and Stacy for letting me come on as their co-blogger. I can’t wait to start blogging with you both! Thank you for letting me in on experience the world of blogging!

Secondly, HI! My name is Nikole and I’m from Illinois. I’ve lived in the Windy City for seventeen years. I have a Siberian Husky, Shila (she’s pictured at the end of the post), that I love to pieces and who basically runs my life, ha! She likes to think she’s queen B (she is, but don’t tell her that!).

I thought to kick off the start of this great blogging opportunity, I’d list five fun facts about myself:

  1. I own almost 1,000 books (the amount I have actually read is unknown).
  2. I took four years of French, but hardly remember how to speak and write in that language.
  3. I am obsessed with The Walking Dead, and I have met almost the whole cast, except for Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus, so basically the two main stars.
  4. I have toured The Hunger Games and The Walking Dead sets (yes, I was hardcore fangirling).
  5. I organize my books in alphabetical order because it makes the most sense to me.

Thank you for being so welcoming! I look forward to posting and having the chance to interact with all of you! See you next time!


(Please disregard the awkwardness that is me) 🙂


Haunting the deep Adriana Mather 

Ahh yes going back into this world woot woot last book was a very big time fall read. I remember day I started book one it was pouring out just like the cover of book one. But going in I was excited for this since its same cast again your big group of mis fits of the descendants. To start 6 months has past since Samantha Mather helped save Salem and the descendants from a hanging that there old family happened or caused it. Thing with this book that it has scenes to titanic not many authors will go for that but Adriana one day found a letter from her family that was right after that said they survived with the Harper’s which most know as one of people who started Harper Collins. But the story telling makes it feel like your on the ship pre days to its sinking and all the ghostly feels of in town. And Adriana makes story so livid. Unlike book 1 this book flows and it’s extremely mysterious unlike book one which unsure what was going on so made it very enjoyable. And wished this wasn’t last book in this series but hope she comes back one day. But def loved loved loved it and much better than book one. 

5/5 stars ~~~~~ JUSTIN