Introduction Time!

Hi everyone!

First off, I wanted to say Thank-You to Justin and Stacy for letting me come on as their co-blogger. I can’t wait to start blogging with you both! Thank you for letting me in on experience the world of blogging!

Secondly, HI! My name is Nikole and I’m from Illinois. I’ve lived in the Windy City for seventeen years. I have a Siberian Husky, Shila (she’s pictured at the end of the post), that I love to pieces and who basically runs my life, ha! She likes to think she’s queen B (she is, but don’t tell her that!).

I thought to kick off the start of this great blogging opportunity, I’d list five fun facts about myself:

  1. I own almost 1,000 books (the amount I have actually read is unknown).
  2. I took four years of French, but hardly remember how to speak and write in that language.
  3. I am obsessed with The Walking Dead, and I have met almost the whole cast, except for Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus, so basically the two main stars.
  4. I have toured The Hunger Games and The Walking Dead sets (yes, I was hardcore fangirling).
  5. I organize my books in alphabetical order because it makes the most sense to me.

Thank you for being so welcoming! I look forward to posting and having the chance to interact with all of you! See you next time!


(Please disregard the awkwardness that is me) 🙂


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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

One thought on “Introduction Time!

  1. Welcome! I also took French and can’t remember a whole lot of it or how to write it, despite taking a class in college where we could only speak it in class or not at all 😐 and your husky is so cute!!!

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