Mean Girls- Micol Ostow


“That is so fetch.
Regina whirled to Gretchen. Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen. It’s not going to happen she snapped, deadly serious.”

To be honest, I haven’t seen this movie since it came out and I’m not even certain that I’ve seen all of it. But once I learned they were turning it into a novel, I had to get my hands of this bitchiness.

Growing up, we all went to school with a Regina. We witnessed, we lived, and maybe we sampled all the evil that was dished out by one person. Who knows, maybe you were the Regina. Just remember, your hair….. sooo cute!

All Cady Heron knows is Africa. This is her home, where she was raised and where she learned to live and grow. All of a sudden an offer that her family can’t refuse rips her from the comfort of home and homeschooling. Now like every red-blooded teenager, she has to spend the remainder of her high school years inside of a high school with other normal teenagers.

Entering a strange land for the first time can over extremely overwhelming and Cady finds herself comparing high school life to survival on the Savannah Desert. Things don’t seem that much different after all.

Cady quickly becomes friends with Janis and Damian. They fill her in on all the different cliques that fill their High School and at the top of the food chain clique are the Plastics. They are high school royalty and anyone would die to get close to them, but getting to be a part of their group is not an easy feat. Something different happens that first week of school and Regina (Head Plastic) saves Cady from being humiliated by one of the Jocks. This begins Cady’s spiral to be one of the Plastics.

Damian and Janis are excited that Cady was selected to be the chosen one and they come up with a plan to bring down the Plastics. Little by little, they tear down the walls that are surrounding Regina and hit her where it hurts with her friends, her weight, and even her boyfriend. The plan slowly starts to come together, but not before taking Cady down with the Plastics.

This was a great novelization of a movie. Most times these fail to get the entire story across, but this one did a fantastic job. It was a great starter book for when I was sick. I can’t remember most of the movie but some of the most iconic scenes stick out at me and were dead on. Now I know what I might be up to this weekend!

Thanks, BEA 17 NYC and Owlcrate!!!



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