Lucky in love by kasie west 

Going into this book being its a kasie west book I was soooo super siked and proubly by far my waited book I wanted at Bea when found out owlcrate was going to be dropping the book. But this book is about maddie who is everything to a t with organization to school work her love is animals and the zoo. On her 18th birthday some events unfold and so she is at a convience store and clerk in a not so nice way convinces her to buy a lottery tix. As can see this is a from rags to riches book. Sooo to go in when you think kasie west you think these adorably fluffy books like fill in boyfriend, ps I like you, ect ect. Well i thought this book didn’t hit even near enough fluff at all and was sooo sad only had afew parts then rest was her talking about her money and everyone asking for this bit end and end. And to top it off I felt the issues were barely solved… And oh just like that we’re happy but seeked just to easy. I don’t want to spoil but a big part was with brother’s issue. But by far my least liked of kasie west’s books. 2/5 stars 

~~~~ JUSTIN 

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8 thoughts on “Lucky in love by kasie west 

  1. Bummer! I have only read one of her books so far which was P.S. I Like You. Is she still an author you would recommend?

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    1. I’d highly recommend kasie west. Fill in boyfriend is a must. And I overly enjoyed ps I like you. Stuck with you is ok not the worst not the greatest but other 2 highly suggest. And kasie is for most part amazing YA contemporary author


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