Contemporary authors signing

Another adventure of a book signing one of many more to come. But day started out late near 12 pm getting up was unsure if I was going to go since wasn’t feeling well and has stayed over a friends house overnight about hour and half where the signing was. Heading back I was heading home I had about 45 mins to see if I was able get better which I did. So headed to barns and nobles Bensalem pa for Jennifer e smith and Sarah Mlynowski who is the author of today’s launch and her book is called I see London, I see France. So finally get to the b&n near 2pm chilling and reading for 10 mins then text my friend Jen if going as well. But needed to be picked up which even though just was there jenn is 10 mins away so get her and go walking around the mall eat food. Just as heading back to the book store in the mall guess who we pass take a guess? Yup your right Jen and Sarah authors of the event later in the day. Which was only 3 pm so many hours to kill. The joke running for bumping into them is. For 30 seconds before going up to the authors was Jen and I were argueing in a good way I’m like that’s the authors for tonight. She is like Uhhh ahh nope it isn’t. And I said fine I’ll go ask. She didn’t want me do that but still did anyways so goo up. I’m like umm I’m not trying to be awkward but it is X) but is your name Jennifer. Jennifer: yes. Me: is it e smith and she said yup. So I’m like cool look forward to her and Sarah’s signing who was with. And they explained checking out a mall they haven’t done that in years together. But didn’t stay long to give peace. So next 3 hours we killed just in b&n sitting and being bored. Finally time of signing as almost became Jen got sick and headed home :(. Finally authors came out 

They had a fun chat helping a lot more to writer questions and queuing for agent. And my question was 2 for me was how they liked there cover one which Jennifer said loved old covers and Sarah said loved her cover to her book since relates to the book. My other question I asked is what upcoming contemporary ya novels would you suggest and Sarah said genuine fraud by e Lockhart. Which I have so I’ll try it one day and they added on books out now they loved was when dimple met rushi. After was finally signing which I had amazing time with Jen since we chatted yallfest since that’s where first met her last year and had the arc of windfall at the signing. So was great meeting her and sooo excited was able to get the magnetic book fridge magnet for windfall. With Sarah I said thank you but not much discussion 

After that called it a night. I come home to find I either dropped my book out of my bag or I left it at the book store 😭😭 so gotta call for a Jennifer e smith book personalized to me so hope I find it or 11 bucks down the drain 😭😭. 

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