Wonder Woman: Warbringer- Leigh Bardugo

“We’re not going to the spring to start a fight. We’re going to prevent one. Yeah, but you know what they say: sometimes the best defense is a good offense. ….. And sometimes the best defense isn’t showing up with a giant sword.”

The line for this book at BEA in NYC was a complete disaster. No one could answer anyone’s questions and it seemed like most of us were going to get screwed. In the end, we all came out with a signed copy and I kept thinking…. This better be worth it and it so was. 

When I learned that they were asking huge authors to write stories for DC characters, I was freaking out (in a good way) I don’t think any other author could have done Wonder Woman justice the way Leigh Bardugo did with this story. It had all the trimmings of the classic but with a youthful current twist. 

I’m really excited about the actual release of this novel. The arc was absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to hold the finished copy in my hand. 

Diana has been trying to prove herself to her sisters and to her Mother that she is a legend warrior just like them. An event is here to help her prove her family wrong. While racing she spots something in the distance. Something that she can’t walk away from. A ship is in distress after something exploded on board. Diana is now on her way into the water to help the people who were on this vessel. 

She spots a lone girl being pulled under by the waves and Diana doesn’t think twice about diving in there and saving her life. But when she pulls this girl out of the water she’s unresponsive and something about the island feels different. After the girl comes out of it, Diana takes her to a cave for her to hide in while she goes to get help from the others.

As she goes to get help, something is off. Tremors are hitting the island and people are getting sick. Someone on the island is doing them more harm than good. And Diana knows just who is causing it. Diana figures out that Alia is a Warbringer. Someone that can cause devastation to the world around us if she isn’t cleansed of this power. 
Alia and Diana must team up to rid Alia of these powers and save the world from dire outcomes. 

This is a fantastic edition to add to the Wonder Woman collection. I think this will bring old and new lovers of Wonder Woman together and enjoy it the same. 

With this being the first book that I have read by Leigh Bardugo, I was blown away. I now need to get over it and read her other books. I’m sure I will have the same reaction to all of them. 

Leigh stayed true to who Diana is and didn’t change her too much. It was beautifully done and I can’t wait to see what else Penguin can do with the other Super Heroes.

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