The First Rule Of Punk- Celia C. Pérez


“Even punk music felt more like a mismatched quilt than I have ever considered. Being punk meant a lot o different things, just like being Mexican meant many things. Sometimes those things don’t seem to match. And that was okay because I’d discovered that maybe the first rule of punk was to make our own rules.” 

The first rule of punk is that there are no rules. The second rule of punk is to be yourself! This is exactly what Maria Luisa is and will forever be. And now she is my book bestie!

Moving at any age is tough, but moving away from everything that makes you comfortable and even your dad makes it ten times as worse when you’re still a kid. It feels like the world won’t forgive you for disrupting your life. But the second rule of Punk helps Malu find her people.

Fitting in when you’re weird is harder than anyone could imagine. Everyone looks at you, they snicker and sometimes they say the meanest things even to your face. Maria knows when and how to put those bullies in their place. She’s one tough badass girl and who wouldn’t want to be her friend?

She is a true punk all the way and having been denied to perform in the talent show, she takes things into her own hands. Finding equally as awesome kids to be in her band, they decide to have their own after show talent show for the people who were denied being at the school one.

As things get rolling, issues get in the way and her own heritage comes back at her. But she perseveres and shines bright like a diamond in the sky.

There’s a lot about this book that I absolutely love. From cover to cover, everything about this book was perfect. I was in line from the first line. The best middle-grade book that I have ever read. Malu and her band of magical Misfits and her love of fanzines capture your heart and turn your soul into a tattooed one.

If you don’t fall in love with the music or Malu then you actually might be the devil!




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