First half of fav 2017 reads 

It’s that time of year again where I do my first half of 2017 fav reads I try to do my best 1-10 but some are equally tied or not enough finally give ranks but here they are. 

1.operation prom date by cindi madsen

This book is very low key and never ever talked about from entangled teen and oh my this book is sooo fluffy and swoon worthly I love it sooo much. And great read every prom season. 

2.perfect by Cecilia ahern 

Book starts right where book 1 end with this dystopian novel. Usually second books in dystopian books might not do as good but this is not one of them from page 1 to end none stop action literally and sad to see it end but amazing book. 

3. Flame In the mist by Renee adhieh (#1 for fantasy)

Slow burn book but it was really good and can’t wait for book 2. Ps looking back at my good reads I don’t have many fantasy books and if I did wasn’t highly ranked.

Rest are books I overly enjoyed but couldn’t judge which one’s liked better but for viewing process I’ll add a # to them to see it clearly 

#4. Girl in pieces by Kathleen Glasgow 

5. Fill in boyfriend by kasie west 

This book has the perfect contemporary touch and enjoyed it very much and recommend it.

6.#famous by jilly gagnon

7. how it feels to fly by Kathy Holmes

8. Traitor to the throne by Alwyn Hamilton

9. Obsidian and stars by Julie Eshbaugh

Ok this book should be near my top top since I loved it so much. It had me with all the feels and emotions sooo worth the read. Just had tissues on hand. 

10. Mulberry moon by Catherine Anderson

This was first read of the year and was cute nice way start the year.

11. Perks of wall flower

If you seen the movie then you have pretty much seen the book not much changes between the 2 just more scenes for the aunt. 

12. Unspoken by cc hunter

Last book in after midnight series it how ever say for Della and want to cry it’s like last shadow falls novel. What am I supposed to do?!?!? Wah it’s Hp, the selection vampire academy/ bloodlines all over again. 😭😭😭

13. Female of species 

That ending that’s all gotta say. 

14. Midnight jewel by Richelle mead

Going in unsure if I would like it since didn’t like as much the glittering court but I loved this.

15. Haunting the deep by Adriana Mather

I enjoyed book 1 with its fall Halloween thrill plus aspects of the Salem witch trials and add in the author is 12th generation Mather from the trials. Well comes book 2 and its sinks you away literally X). Was amazing. 

That’s the top reads of the year you can see rest of my books on my good reads which I have linked in my about me page.  And comment some of your fav reads or if we match with books read ~~~~JUSTIN 

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