The dreadful tale of prosper Redding by Alexandra bracken

Going into this book I was excited since its Alexandra Dang bracken even though I disliked with a extreme passenger which only read second since was a dualogy but thanks to darkest minds still Alex is a instant read for me. But going in I’m finally getting ready for fall so been reading fall books and this was the start. But this book is about a kid prosper who hasn’t had such a great life what ever he does just frowned upon of extremely disliked in his town that his family started years and years ago. You would think he would be a celebrity but Nooe really disliked.why does his family hate him is because years ago his family made a deal with a fiend or in my mind one of the devils of the underworld and that deal was if they received all this good luck and fortune but come certain year he will come for like your soul or something well the family finds out a way to kill/ trap the fiend. You learn they failed and one bloodline of someone goes away he will be back well he ends up in the mind and body of prosper. And is trying come back alive to take revenge for the family ooooo in ghostly voice. But yea I soooo enjoyed this Alex makes the perfect world right in perfect for fall and it’s middle grade but to show friendship in ways don’t expect I loved. In all else that’s the biggest. Plus the cliff hanger for this book was sooo bad but sooo good I’m dieing for book 2 and this book has became a book I’ll read for many years. 5/5 stars. ~~~JUSTIN 

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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