Don’t Cosplay With My Heart- Cecil Castellucci ~Arc Review~

Peek-a-boo from Louie!

"I'm being weird. Or maybe he's being weird. It was only a weird bubble moment. One that will be forgotten. It probably means nothing at all. The feeling is so nice/horrible/wonderful/terrible/floaty/rotten. My heart is on fire. My heart is exploding. My heart is growing. My heart is shrinking. My heart. Is so confused."

Have you ever been so in love with a cover before that you started to second guess yourself at picking it up? That maybe the cover will be the best thing and the characters might be bland? Well, this is that time.

The cover is stunning. An attention grabber that caught me off guard as I was walking around McCormick place in Chicago. And with nerds to go along with it, I was swooning. That is until I started to read it.

I've never been so disappointed in a cast of characters like I was with this. The connection with them was broken instantly and the relationships seemed more fake than Kim K's backside. Nothing fit together and felt broken as they waltzed across the pages.

Edan is obsessed with Team Tomorrow. Her favorite comic book series, but her favorite character is Gargantua. A ten feet tall badass once a hero and now a villain. When she hears a comic con coming to town she decides to cosplay her way through the event.

While there she meets Kirk, a guy who loves what she loves and has similar feelings towards the world. He's quite the temptation in her relationship with Yuri.

At school she heads SEW, which is a superhero cosplay group and they go to events together as they grow in the cosplay department.

As time goes on and her feelings get crossed and confused. Other parts of her life spiral out of control as her home life gets crazier and her love life is thrown through a loop. What will a girl with zero personality do!?

If you're looking for the cutest story about love, cosplay and comic cons, I suggest picking up The Geeks Guide to Unrequited Love. That story was well planned out and you fall in love with those characters. You'll find none of that with this one.

Get your geek on and sashay away!!


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3 thoughts on “Don’t Cosplay With My Heart- Cecil Castellucci ~Arc Review~

    1. To me Geekerella to the contemporary romance part I loved Geekerella more with some hints of popped cultured. Since geeks guide more I’d say an adventure to actual comic con experience and the sub culture blast with still romance but other things in it as well. But I like Geekerella more


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