Girls Made of Snow and Glass- Melissa Bashardoust *Arc Review*

“You can rage and hate and despair and hope as well as anyone else, but love is something more complicated. Love requires a real heart. You cannot love, and you will never be loved except you have beauty, and beauty is more powerful than love. People can’t help themselves: they crave beauty. They will overlook anything, even a glass heart, for it. If they love you for anything, it will be for your beauty.”

This beautiful feminist portrayal of a Snow White retelling will shock you in all the best ways. A retelling that is unique and spellbinding that makes yours feelings go into overload. Women need to be powerful and this will uplift those thoughts.

Lynet never knew what it meant to be a child. Her dad, the King never let her play with the other kids and always scolded her when all she wanted to do was climb a tree. She never knew her mom, but was always compared to her. The King is shaping her to be the perfect Queen. But is that what Lynet wants?

Mina has never had the perfect life. Her dad was scarcely there and most of the town were afraid to go near a him and her. He was a magician and to this day people are still spooked by him. Mina just wants to love and be loved. She sets her sights on the King and her plan starts to fall into place.

Whitespring was cursed upon when Queen Sybil killed her self. The land will be filled with snow. No sunshine, just doom and gloom for all eternity. Someone has to be strong enough to lift the curse and free the land from sorrow.

Mina gets her wish and becomes the Kings bride, but with stipulations. She must never grow close to his daughter, Lynet. Mina is taken with Lynet and treats her like her own child. When lies and secrets crawl out from the shadows, things won’t always stay this peaceful.

Lynet and Mina have something similar in common that puts they against each other. In the town of Whitespring, there is only room for one Queen. Let the games begin!

As I was reading this, I started gushing about this book to everyone. It was magical and delightful, I just didn’t want to put it down. From the first few pages, the feminist feel takes over and it makes this tale all the more intriguing.

Always listen to your heart, even if it’s made of glass!


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