Trapped In Silver- Emily Sowden

“That cold, crippling terror choked me again as I felt someone else’s presence bent over the body on its other side. Our faces couldn’t have been more than a foot apart as wretched breath washed over my skin. Instinct took over and I was running. I fled from the tunnel and veered left, sprinting back the way I came.”

I was supposed to be following along with the read-a-thon with the publishing house, but I couldn’t stop reading this. Every time I put this book down, it kept calling my name and it was all I could think about. I was amazed, shocked, and ecstatic as the pages went by. This was not what I was expecting… in the best way possible.

Ava doesn’t remember much from her mother. She passed away at a young age and Ava had to help her dad take over. As other girls were learning how to be the ideal housewife, Ava was learning how to care for the family farm and bring home income to survive. But to do the things asked of her, she had to disguise her appearance and act the part of a boy.

As a present, she received a silver necklace and she never takes it off. If it is attempted to be taken off, a weight sits in her chest and she can’t breathe. This seems to be her lifeline.

Days move into weeks and that leads into months, her dad is still nowhere to be found. It’s just her and her brother, Roan in the farm. But things aren’t as peaceful as she would have hoped.

A cow get ma slaughtered in the barn, trance things lurk in the night, and Ava needs to be rescued from evil men trying to harm her.

On the night of the annual ball for women to find a mate, she meets a man that loves her for who she is. She’s different from all the other girls and Ric is instantly smitten. As he escorts her home, a terrible feeling comes to Ava as they take a shortcut through the dilapidated town. Things come out from the shadows and she is in for the fight of her life.

As soon as Ava believes that she’s going to make it home, she gets trapped by some of these berserkers. Ethan, a man who has saved her before, saves her again but she’s badly injured. He travels to his home and brings her along to help her heal. As she wakes up, she realizes that she isn’t in the right place. As she slowly pieces things together, its fight or flight and now she’s not only trying to save herself, but an entire community whom she’s grown to love.

With secrets hidden and now found, getting ready for battle, will this be enough to escape the berserkers and finally claim what truly belongs to Ava?

This was one of those books that I couldn’t put down. I’ve lost some sleep trying to get to the bottom of this and it swept me off of my feet. The horror feel, the mystery, and the intrigue will leave you guessing right up until the very end. As soon as a secret was uncovered and dealt with, something even bigger came along to capture your breath.

What kind of bugged me was the sexual tension between Ava and Ethan! They got so close and then nothing. They better get it on soon because they both need it. I’m not sure why it needed to be added into the story. It would have been fantastic without it too.

I was shocked because this wasn’t what I was expecting at all, but I need more. Can’t wait to read the second book.

Thanks, Oftomes Publishing!


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