Best Day Ever- Kaira Rouda

“Love is such a complicated thing to us humans. We overanalyze, we fret to understand it. It’s easier to understand if you think of us all as animals, with needs and desires. That’s what we are, all of us.”

If you needed another solid reason to despise men, you must read this. This will make your stomach turn as you spot an overly confident womanizer.

To look at Paul and Mia you would agree that they have the perfect life. They have a beautiful family, two houses in fabulous neighborhoods, and Paul works hard to keep his family happy. But what they don’t see is the crack in their foundation. What seems happy on the outside, isn’t what appears on the inside.

Today is the day that Paul will make this the best day ever for his wife, Mia. She had some health concerns and he wants this day to treat her like a princess. They are traveling to their cottage near the lake to release some stress and unwind. But at once the demon rises its ugly head.

As soon as they hit the road tension starts to appear. Every thing Mia says or does makes Paul’s facade crack. It’s starts to splinter and it’s only a short time before Paul shatters.

But what Mia doesn’t know is that Paul has a huge surprise for her.

As the hours go by, more and more of Paul’s plan falls into place and deep dark secrets seep up through the cracks. Dark secrets that could ruin anyone’s life. But Mia has some plans of her own.

I’m in complete shock at this story. The story as a whole made me leery of my own marriage. If you can’t trust the one person you gave your heart and life to, then who can you trust?

The narration was something that I haven’t read before and it was different. For some odd reason I loved it and it worked so well with this story. I think with the way it was portrayed, it fed off of Paul’s psychosis. His twisted demeanor has you fearing for a character that didn’t actually exist. It would be horrible for her to trust again.

This was an addictive roller coaster ride of domestic horror that you shouldn’t miss!!


Thank you Harper Collins!!

Happy Book Birthday!!

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