One Week Girlfriend- Monica Murphy

“He stands up and approaches me. My knees threaten to buckle and I lock them, hoping like crazy I don’t fall over like an idiot all because he’s coming closer with that dark, intriguing look in his eyes. Like he wants to gobble me up.”

The funny thing is that my friend and I shared this book with each other not knowing that we both had it as to be read. Mine arrived in the mail and I couldn’t wait to dig in.

I wasn’t expecting the beauty and the heartbreak that this book served. After finishing this one, I logged in and ordered the second one. Now I have to be patient and wait for it to arrive. This book was that damn good.

Fable works all the time to support her drunk of a mother and her younger brother. She also carries the reputation as cheap and easy through this college town even though she doesn’t go to school. But we all know how rumors can be.

Drew goes to that college and is a star athlete on the football team. All the girls want him, but he doesn’t give them the time of day. He shows up at the bar Fable works at and sticks mostly to his friends. They all brag about Fable.

Thanksgiving is coming up and Drew is dreading going home for the holidays…. alone like usual. His plan is to take someone with him to show off. He proposes the idea to Fable and she can’t refuse the offer.

The plan is that Fable has to act like the loving adoring girlfriend of Drew for an entire week and he’ll pay her handsomely. She just has to meet his dad and his dreadful Step-Mom.

As soon as they make it back to his hometown of Carmel, Fable knows something is up but doesn’t say anything. They both have secrets of their own and this is just a fake relationship until they get back home.

Feelings start morphing between the two. As Thanksgiving gets closer and closer, the more Drew freezes up and his anger shows a bit and shuts him down.

All the secrets get left on the table, but will Fable runaway? Or will she attempt to pick up the pieces of Drews life?

Whoa! This book was so raw, intense, and extremely beautiful. I couldn’t put it down. The way the story progresses over time just leaves your heart still and your mouth dry. As these horrible secrets come to light, you break down along with the characters and you swear your heart stops beating.

I cannot wait to start the second book. Let’s hope it’s as mesmerizing as this first one.


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