Vampire academy by richelle mead 

Ahhh going back to this book is pure heaven!!! Anyone who knows me knows I love love love this series it’s my all time fav with its side series. I literally bugged and bugged Stacy to read it and I did have a fun not in mean way hissy fit. I was like WHAT?!?!!? You have never read her!!! So glad she enjoyed it and wasn’t like Harry Potter which I know she doesn’t like. But yea I’ll go back to being me in a second but this book I’ll let the photo say what it is about since I know could say so much.

Crazy how many memories this book has for me since read it back in high school and guess I enjoyed it since back then I liked things that were going on meaning high school my self so could relate. Now reading it again (I don’t know how many times at all but it’s a lot) I didn’t like that aspect but it’s because I’m a tad older but its darkerish theme with the magical aspect I still enjoy, plus who doesn’t enjoy a bit of unacceptable love ship. Other thing going was how bad ass rose hathaway is, during the times it came out YA still fringe aspects so I don’t know if female who happened to be strong heroism was as big but I’m trying to go by memory since back then I didn’t know a lot about the YA world even though read its books like after va was twilight, before that was a ton of hp re reads, holes, and zach’s lie. I can remember what else had read minus speak freshman year. And last thing I love going now back then I didn’t know books came out once a year we didn’t have good reads to tell us or even Facebook and it’s book groups. So I just walked into a book store and I’d see it and I’d fall hand over heals dancing plus it was my group of friends mall trip with out going to borders and yes you heard right borders. So I’m slowly going thru the series I’m 65-70% done wit frostbite and reminds me as series goes on how much I love this series & a reminder of it I have the tattoo’s from the series tattooed on my neck like in the series. 

And that will be one tattoo I’ll never ever regret. So thru the days follow along as I read the series. 5/5 and that will never ever change ~~~~JUSTIN 

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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