Best books of 2017 months (7-12)

So I’ll try to say my fav books of 2017 year for second half of the year and maybe a few of us would agree or can add it to your TBR pile.

1. Is a tie since it’s 2 books but one contemporary and one fantasy.

LOVE SONGS And Other Lies by Jessica Pennington (out April 24th 2018) but yes this book was sooo adorable it follows a girl who is very shy but has some friends but is asked last min to be a roadie to some friends for a band since their going to be on a reality tv show battle of the bands. She loves it till finds out who is in the band. A guy she loved from her past.

1.Ace of Shades by AMANDA FOODIE (Out April 10th 2018)

This book I read late in the year like final week of the year so think that it’s only fav since just read but No this book you have not a clue what will happen and ton of action. But it’s about a girl who leaving her prestigious world of ballerina school her mom has gone missing so she leaves that to enter the city of sin and no we don’t mean Las Vegas but worse city than that. A place where secrets can be more valuable to you & life so watch what you say ;). Other thing I can say why I like this series and author is Amanda is a local author so I see a lot so on more friendly basis plus for one page in this book I’m a character and book 2 I’ll have more of a part but if see character named Justin that’s me ;).

3. Level up (fandom hearts novel #1) by Cathy yardly

This book was sooo cute but it’s about a girl she is in a gaming company but she wants to be one day gaming engineer but for women that’s hard as hell since gaming world is a majority guys with some women for a lot of guys feel inferior. But conversation at works gets talking at work like a competition to enter to have a game for this fandom so along the way she makes friends ect and such. But if like gaming culture try this book!

4.prince in disguise by Stephanie Kate strohm

The title alone you just think hallmark channel movie or some think simular as some of the new Netflix’s movies like a Christmas prince. Well it’s a close one. This book is another reality tv show one which is weird since they tend to be not the greatest and so amped up in the drama but this one is not. But it’s about the MC’s sister who is about to get married and she is getting married to a prince before this reality show the sister was on one where was a blind date that led to more on tv and later find he is a prince. And now their getting married and where princes family wants the wedding is out by them. Well the MC meets a guy since she is left stranded and you sorta get the rest of the idea. But yea it’s a cute book and would loved it to be turned into next Hallmark holiday movie.

5. The dreadful tale of prosper Redding by Alexandra bracken

Ahh yes another book by miss bracken I loved her darkest minds series so I was excited for this. (Passenger series not as much liked) but when I was at her signing I was nervous when she said her next work was middle grade. But this lives up to the authors name and a great fall/ Halloween book with ghosts, witches and demons. So go get your best blanket to hide in 😉 haha!!

6. Eliza and her monsters and rest are just going get some suggested reads.

This book going in I heard had extreme hype since the book is cute but has a high reference to anxiety which a lot of people suffer from. But when look at the mc thing most quiet person ever so shy and wearing hoods, what most don’t know she is one of the most famous comic sorta work on or manga I forget what it was called for the book. But it was good for most part but till the fighting scene which I didn’t like how a certain character acted so was 4ish star for me. But well worth the read

7.warcross by Marie lu


I really enjoyed this book it should of been higher just a few are better. But finally met the author this year she was very nice. And soon her other book will be a movie soon.

9.last one on my list I enjoyed a lot. But this was another under the radar since was indie author but it’s a nice contemporary that mixes a bit of fashion and a cute romance well worth the read.


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