Restore me tour stop of taheri mafi and ransom Riggs

This was my second time seeing them. Plus it’s exciting to see them since these 2 together are very funny. But day started usual yadda yadda get to NYC. Was able to meet up with more book friends from bookcon app but my friend melissa and first time hung out Stephanie. Like any pre waiting for the event we went to the strand to look at what new good deals the place had. Next my fav pasta dinner in the city this time went with basic food of pasta Alfredo. Then was time for the signing. Sadly first time ever I had to stand since all the spots were taken. But while waiting I saw Adam silvera again, and Alex London. But best part besides meeting ransom and taheri was won’t say a name but books of wonder owner has a service dog and he walked over and as the dog did my friend said loudly aww he is cute!! And just as sayes it loud guess who walks right by? You guessed it ransom which he just looks at my friend and thinks proubly talking about him since many females think he is gorgeous. So my friend and I were laughing historically while she was sooo bright in the face as well. So overall fun night full of laughs and hope to new friendship.

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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