*Arc Review* Love & Other Words- Christina Lauren

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“I’d known heartbreak before, but this was a different sensation, like a lit match held to the bloody organ inside, holding steady, waiting patiently for it to dry out, harden into coal, catch fire.”

My heart is shattered. Fat tears are running down my face as I uncontrollably sob the tears of the ugliest cry. My words come out as nothing as I’m left completely speechless at this heartbreaking beauty.

This is second chance romance for two soulmates who found each other when they weren’t even looking when they didn’t even know what love was or how controlling it could be.

Love and other words is my absolute favorite Christina Lauren book to date. Nothing can compare to the complete perfection of this book. I laughed, I cried, I cried a lot more, I swooned, and I even wanted to throw it across the room. But in the end, this book was at it finest.

The relationship between Elliot and Macy was one of my favorites of all time. They grew closer while reading together. How can you not swoon at that!? The secrets they are holding in as you uncover them piece by piece is mesmerizingly beautiful but also heartbreaking. The biggest secret of all hit me hard and I’m still getting goosebumps thinking about it as I’m writing this.

I will add this, no one has ever made me cry while learning someone got their period for the first time. Christina Lauren changed that and I’m not ashamed to admit it. It was such an emotional and powerful addition to the story that nothing compares to this.

What’s your favorite word?


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