Rags to riches by Casey L bond

Other day someone in a Facebook group I’m In called the owlcrate society mentioned this for the Kindle. I didn’t have the kindle app so I had re get it. But the cover is cool and the thing that had me hooked was the person friends with the author said was a Cinderella retelling. Right then and there had me hook, line, and sinker.

Ella carina is the crown princess of aelawyn and knows she is royality since her father king of the land shows in his castle but not to any of his people and even at times his daughters. Till one day they are all killed Ella’s mom, sis and dad and she is line survivor of the Killing. The king of New kingdom offers her choice marry the person she was betrothed to or can go into hiding asa peasant and she chooses the second. But a very fun and pleasant life and glad to have read it and hope I find many more Cinderella retellings. 5/5 stars ~~~~JUSTIN

Going thru you learn of the twists in the book and was less of a retelling but a story of nice contemporary of royality style choices and that of poor farm girl. So overall I still loved it. Only gotta say one thing was in like a lot of contemporary’s I feel very fast progress from just seeing each other to not sharing to much info and just short hanging to “love” each other but after middle part I loved the chemistry on. S

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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