*Arc Review* Furyborn- Claire Legrand

“I’d wager everything I am that you never experience such thoughts as I do. Sometimes your goodness shines so brightly that I want to devour you. Maybe if I have enough of you, that light you shine will stave off the wickedness that lives inside me.”

I won’t lie, I’m not much of a fantasy reader. I usually turn my head away with disgust and read something light, fluffy, or gruesome. But this year is the year of fantastic YA fantasy books.

Furyborn is going to blow all fantasy competitors out of the water. The story that unfolds between these pages makes you gasp. You look over at the person sitting next to you as you start to communicate with your eyes asking them did you read what you thought you read?

Can we take a break and talk about all that sexual tension? Phew! After all of that you have to fan yourself with something. Some books overdo the tension but this one made your heart race. You couldn’t get any better than what was shared in this book.

This was such a unique and a twisty ride of a book. The way the lands were described, you could imagine in your mind how they actually looked and felt like. It was purely stunning. I fell in love.

For fantasy lovers and reluctant fantasy readers, such as myself will enjoy this wild ride. The number of pages is very intimidating but it’s totally worth it. You’ll never see any of these twists coming. Now I must twiddle my thumbs and impatiently wait for book two.

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