*Arc Review* Lifel1k3- Jay Kristoff

Your past doesn’t make calls on your future. It doesn’t matter who you were. Only who you are.”

When reading books by Sir Kristoff you only expect the best and that is exactly what he delivers. He’s never someone that lets you down, he delivers quite the punch that leaves you stunned. I’m currently sitting at work with Stars in my eyes and people looking at me like I have lost my freaking mind.

This was quite the roller coaster of a book for me to read. I was up and down constantly and not sure where this was going to take me. All I know was that the end made this book. Are you looking for that new book that knocks you off of your feet, that you land on your back and hit your head on the concrete? Look no further, this is that astounding book that will answer your dreams.

This one starts intense and never lets up. Like your heart is in overdrive and nothing can stop it from beating out of your chest. All the twists that come to play in this book will shake you to your core. Now I’m desperate for more.

The deep friendship between all of the characters is one of the best I have seen in these types of books. That’s what hits you the most as people’s lives are turned upside down. And Kaiser, my favorite of them all and the most heartbreaking.

Lifel1k3 is a stellar read. I definitely needed a strong drink after finishing this one. If you need ass-kicking characters, strong female badasses, Mad Max type scenery, and a love to the death romance then this is all for you. Hell, you should pick this one up anyway. You won’t be disappointed.

“Viddy Well, Little Brother, Viddy Well!”

Thank you, Penguin Teen!!

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