WWW waiting on Wednesday contemporary edition

Every Wednesday is the 3 questions what are you reading? What did you finish recently and what will you think will read next.

Unlike nikole that’s heavy fantasy I’m on the other end of the spectrum like usual I love contemporary’s.

1. What are you currently reading??? I am reading nice try Jane sinner by Lianne Oelke

So far just 50 pages so can’t say. Just all you know is Jane is expelled from school we don’t know why, but she has gone to college classes and joined a college reality tv show like big brother. So the plot is intriguing.

2. What do I plan to read next?

What I plan to read next if I can even find it is

Like said on Monday it’s been in my good reads tbr forever so if I can find my recently purchased book I’ll read it if not I’ll read meet cute which is short stories by some big named ya authors.

3. What have you recently finished

The books I have recently finished was ready player one & now a major motion picture.

I saw ready player 1 before the book and the movie was amazing 😉 saw it fir 3rd time today, but to the book yes a lot of things are different but the book was just as good. It’s def more 80’s pop cultured and challenges different big time but both for their own was amazing. Now the other book now a major motion picture is about a girl and her family. The mc’s grand ma was a insanely popular author similar make it out to jk Rowling and turning their grand Ma’s book to a movie. The mc grew up not liking the fame light on family so when forced to go to set she is not happy. But yea I loved this book is half a normal person to celebrity novel and half self learning book 5/5 stars.

So have any contemporary books your excited for or one just read you loved give us some love and hit the title to us in the comments :).


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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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