*Arc Review* Puddin’- Julie Murphy


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Julie Murphy’s Twitter Account!

“Love comes and goes, but lipstick is forever.”

We all know that after reading Dumplin’ it took over my life. Dolly Parton was a fixture in my life after that one. Me being a large and in charge gal made me look at life a little differently and nothing could or would stand in my way.

And then I heard about this companion novel and to say that I was stoked is the understatement of the year.

Puddin’ alternates between Callie and Millie. We get to see how different their lives are and then how they come together. It’s something that we thought might never happen again but Julie surprises us.

I highly enjoyed this one but nothing will ever compare to the joy that Dumplin’ brought into my life. They are both wonderful stories of girl power and sticking up for the underdog but this didn’t even come close to what Dumplin’ did. The thing of it is that I still really liked this one. It held that same powerful message and that nothing can’t be fixed with sweet tea and some Dolly Parton.

And WillowDean and Bo make the cutest and sweetest appearances in this book. I really hoped that this book would contain a lot more of them both but we get glimpses into the now and that was good enough for me….. at the moment.

Julie Murphy has this wonderful way of turning any situation into something lighthearted and fun. And it’s no different here.

Just remember, Riots not diets!!


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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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