*Arc Review* Folded Notes From High School- Matt Boren

“I guess I forgot me along the way. I forgot who I am. What I’m made of. You tried so hard to remind me, but I was basically deaf. You could have done sign language and I wouldn’t have gotten it. I guess that means I wasn’t deaf. I was dumb. Ignorant. Arrogant. All of it.”

There has to be more than this. I frantically flipped the pages and shook it to see if secret pages would magically fall out of this book. It was so petty and delicious that I’m still hungry for more.

This was a fantastic blast from the past. We are all so very guilty of passing notes to one another in class and in the hallways. But it always seemed that you got caught when the gossip was at its juiciest. I know that I’ve had a regret or ten of spreading that gossip to some of my best friends.

This book is entirely told all through notes that were passed in school. No matter what was said to one another, it was still passed along.

Tara is definitely queen bee of her H.S. She is the girl a lot of others dream of being and she’s dating the most popular guy (cliche). When she learns of a freshman who is trying for the lead in the school production of Grease, she takes him under her wing and tells him the ins and outs of surviving H.S. hell. She does this while taking down everyone in her path. Tara is a vicious little player, but will her lies catch up to her? Something tells me that they always do!

Folded Notes from High School was funny, cringe-worthy, and memorable. The scenarios are very believable and some of these I have personally witnessed. I think that may be the reason why I enjoyed this a lot more than others. The more time that passes with this after I’ve read it, the more I love it! Maybe I’m just addicted to drama…. (Super guilty)

I honestly believe that this would make a fantastic movie. It would be like Mean Girls but more bitchy.

Let me be honest here for a minute! We all have a little Tara in us waiting to come out and slap someone!

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