Bloomsbury publishing house tour and blog bound

So was lucky enough to be accepted to go on a tour of Bloomsbury thanks to blog bound. And gotta say Iv have past this place a mil times and never knew it was Bloomsbury since they share the building with other offices. But first thing you see when walk in on the 5th floor is this

Then rest we were able get a tour. It looks like a office but to a book reader it’s Awsome experience.

Then came to sit in there meeting room where Bloomsbury treated us to cookies & soda. And chatted some of the books there most waiting for and such.

So this was really fun and glad got to see and marks my second pub house I have had tour of other is penguin and last will be harpercollins in July for epic reads day.

Now up to blog bound that I keep saying for some reason blogger con which similar just smaller type event than convention.

The first panel was blogger slumps and how to get out of them. Stating like you don’t have to make your blog a job and be killer ect.

Other panel was where we these bloggers started and how keep a good flow going.

Last came the author speed dating. Which featured Laura sebastian author of ash princess, mimi yu author of the girl king (2019). And 2 other authors one is lizzy Nelson and she is also publicity director of Bloomsbury so she is in Bloomsbury tour that’s holding the edge of everything by Jeff Giles. Last on epic tiring day was some book mail by my co blogger which was puddin and Erin watt arc. But combined them in my total book haul photo’s.

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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