Book review the freshman

I read this book when was u sure what I wanted to read. But this book reminds me so much of what I didn’t get to experience in college and what I wanted. Pretty much frat parties drinking and making friends and let’s say possible one night stands. But how this story goes this nerdy girl (phoebe) goes to college and super popular jock (Luke) goes to same school girl creeps super jock in high school. Now in college by chance go to same school. Thanks to some events the 2 get talking and that’s that story for now ;).

But going in I had high hopes for this story. Stacy sent it to me since I really wanted to it. But if want sorta college experience this is for brings mild frat parties and meeting people first time is good but for romance it really lacked. Like where finally even and maybe the romance could move on another issue came up that really bugged me. So if want sorta drinking experience with weird room mates it’s for you. For romance it’s not. 3/5 stars

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