WWW Wednesday 11-28-18

It’s Wednesday again so know what that means?? WWW a day where you answer the 3 questions which are what you currently reading? What you recently finished and what will you read next?

1.what I’m currently reading is again but better

This book I had high hopes going in but now 75 pages and the MC is sooo Whiney and annoying and thinks wrong and stresses the wrong things imho. And having tough time with it. Other is frostbite by richelle mead which I love and second re read this year.

2.what I recently finished is Christmas camp, vampire academy, you’d be mine and circle of shadows. All 4 books I insanely loved. Like Christmas camp was like watching the hallmark channel but was in book form and sooo cute sweet and swoon worthy and the author is screen writer to the Christmas prince on Netflix’s.

3. What I think I’ll read next is the super villain and me.

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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