*The Page 69 Test* On The Come Up- Angie Thomas

The Page 69 Test    My co-bloggers and I have started a new weekly blog post: The Page 69 Test! Have you heard of the page 69 test? If not, it’s basically where you read page 69 of a book you think you will like. If you liked reading page 69, chances are you will enjoy reading the rest of the book.

Instead of posting the full page, we will be posting the first 10-20 lines of that page, starting with the first full sentence.

This week I decided to give everyone a sneak peek of one of the most anticipated reads of 2019. On The Come Up by Angie Thomas. Her first novel, The Hate U Give blew all of us away and now we all must wait until February for Bri to enter all of our worlds. But today you are getting a special glimpse at this book.


“She glances over at me. You okay, Bookie?

     According to Granddaddy, Jackson’s don’t cry- we suck it up and deal with it. Doesn’t matter how much my eyes burn. 

I didn’t do anything wrong. 

No, you didn’t, Jay says. You had every right to keep your backpack. But Bri… Promise me, if that ever happens again, you’ll do what they tell you to do.


Bad things can happen, baby. People like that sometimes abuse their power.

So, I don’t have any power? 

You have more power than you know. But it’s moments like that, I— She swallows. I need you to act as if you don’t have any. Once you’re safely out of the situation, then we’ll handle it. But I need you safely out of the situation. Okay?


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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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