The cruel prince (DNF)

I’m not usually on a roll to DNF books but the cruel prince I got to 56% and just majority of the book nothing happens. Not much romance or anything. Not a clue why this book is sooo loved but that’s why we have different thoughts. Proubly if keep going more it will make more sense by Twist or odd thing like that and maybe I’ll read it slowly down the line. And for a change this book wasn’t because to much fantasy. Sorry to all who like it.

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8 thoughts on “The cruel prince (DNF)

  1. Kind of shocked but I have noticed that youre not into fantasy like that, so here are a couple authors that if you read there books I’m positive you won’t dnf since it’s right up your alley (contemporary) Abby Glines, Katie McGarry, Jennifer Armentrout, Jennifer Probst, Lauren Blakey, Deborah Bladon, Melissa Foster, and Melody Grace to name a few.

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    1. Reading the real deal right now and loving it! It’s by Lauren blakely. And yea my fav genre is contemporary ya/ romance. And still gotta try katie mcgarry more but pushing the limits I didn’t like much. And Abby is suggest a lot so one day. Rest I haven’t heard of before so I’ll look them up. Thank you for the suggestion. ~~~JT

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