Cover crush Thursday 10-24-19

This week you should be excited for it’s a book been waiting from this author for many years since she took a hiatus. The cover is stunning and goes slightly with how author been doing her covers. Has gorgeous dress and not this one but this gives you hints on which author I’m describing 👗 and another hint her last series was 35 ____ fighting for one thing.

If you guessed Kiera cass your correct

I’m soooo fudging stoked I can’t can’t wait. By far on top of my all time contemporary list is the selection series. And since the re done siren we haven’t had a book since like 2016 I think and I love the cover follows the dress on cover the pubs tend to give Kiera. So can’t wait

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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