*Arc review* all these monsters by amy tintera

. Feels like I re read the 5th wave. A modern world where these monsters run rampade, which comes this girl and joins a make shift fighting group to get away from as description abusive father and mother who doesn’t do anything. So pretty much they train you, then slowly one by one your team dies. The author atleast did well setting up romance start plot to it and what turns to. But back to death parts of the team. One thing atleast this book did better was found ways to make when finally making a plan and see how could do well and not all the time someone die just I feel with spots making a impact should made some strides in the story but nothing good come to see. Sooo Like the 5th wave it’s enough keep me intrigued I want to see outcomes but I didn’t enjoy the story at all this as close to my one star I use. Will I read the second book maybe since still curious but not sure one bit.

Warnings: abuse by parents which is in title, and other people.

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