WWW Wednesday 1-29-20

That time of the week again it’s Wednesday which means it’s waiting on Wednesday!

What does that mean? It means the 3 W’s what you are currently reading? what did you recently finish? And what do you think will read next?

1. What I’m currently reading is cinderella is dead

Just started it but it’s been good already and just feel for the character and women even some guys for this world. But what it’s about is 200 years after cinderella is dead and all women have to attend the ball and if they don’t get chosen by a guy they just disappear and such.

2. What did I recently finish?

What I just completed this afternoon was the betrothed by kiera cass

This book was entertaining, wasnt as good as the selection but had similar elements like felt how one character was acting like in selection and I know I know seperate books and worlds. Other I was shocked by one set of drama I just didn’t see it coming. Just with the selection to this was selection the romance seems main aspect and politics second in this it’s all reversed so don’t get as much OTP but still like them. Last gotta say from this book is oh my stars does it have a semi bad cliff hanger someone who read the arc told me your going to want book 2 and boy do you. It’s cliffy fall and I don’t call most book endings cliffy. 4/5 stars

Other I finished 2 days ago is

This book is about a girl she is insanely popular book blogger/ social media influencer. And she has a best friend and his name is Nash and they talk daily books. Her family is famous so she wrote a pen name and they move around a lot. So one last move kels moves to no where CT. And low and behold her first day in library who does she meet her love interest and best friend Nash. She gets so nervous she doesn’t say who she is. And that’s where this whole book drama starts. So I can say I freaking loved the story which ya bloggers go thru and all sooo much like cover reviews, reviews, book drama or a book theme, like myself on Instagram I do coffee and books or beer and books. Only thing that made this book a lot lower rating is kels had many shots to tell Nash like literally but doesn’t so she comes off very annoying. And book with this deals with anxiety as a sub plot besides the main story. 3.75/5 and I could of loved this like eliza and her monsters.

3. What I plan to read next is maybe meet me at midnight or dunno 🤷‍♂️

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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