*arc review* Bookish and the Beast by ashley poston

Was lucky enough from a friend to get this book was one of my Anticipated books. But further a due here is my review.

Cover: this cover is nice and loved all the covers to the series this one since has books and get general idea of what the characters look like. Other who does not love a dog??? Cover rating 5/5

The book is about a girl Rosie who happens to find a dog not knowing who is it’s goes to a near by house what comes next is just all catastrophe but so funny. And In that living in this castle is star studded Vance reigns the full ego jerk from book 2. And is out in middle of no where to get away from celeb life bringing these 2 to crash course.

Writing: the writing in this book was great. Had that nice pace that Geekerella had and so the story didn’t drag to like in book 2 where I felt the romance didn’t relize bloom till last 60%. And one thing is for sure though ashley knows how to inspire a full geekish world one reason Iv loved these story’s and while still keeping it entertaining to the retelling. This book is a beauty and beast retelling and I thought she really did a great job, beast: a ego and a jerk which Vance is, belle: Rosie book worm at heart but also strong willed minus being a klutz. Castle: big house, the curse: is Vance has to stay out till his actions become better. So when look at the 2 worlds they are different but pretty close to each other. Only thing I want to point out though ashley brought hints some stuff for secondary characters but at the end never happened and I kinda wished it had but maybe another story.

Feel: this book like book one is oh my stars!!! Just love the geekish things of this world since I relate to it sooo much. And this story is just sooo cute and being one of my favs of retellings only other I love more is cinderella which is why Geekerella is one of my all time fav books. Other cliq forget the word clushay I think it is but could be wrong is it’s a celeb meets a normal person and I love that in books and need to do some more.

World: Ashley has built amazing world of geek things like every time I read these books I feel like I’m at New York comic con all over again. This one is built out of it so less geekish but keeps you intrigued enough.

Overall grade: my overall grade on this with being fav retelling and did really well to it, just the whole Geekerella fandom with nice characters from past books making visits to just nice pace in this book it’s easily a 5/5 and would gladly recommend and will be reading again when I do Geekerella re read which I do Atleast twice a year since keeps me in a good mood.

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