WWW Wednesday 5-13-20

It’s that time of the week again WWW Wednesday. Which means the 3 W’s which are what are you reading? What did you finish recently and what will you read next?

What I’m reading this week is Hunting November by adriana Mather. This book is book 2 of killing november series and like first book it’s action packed and so much history with family so that part hard to track but this series is so fun to see. This book she is on the run to find her dad and not get killed at same time while trying to take a family down and all people are like cia spies. Also suggest her other series how to hang a witch which follows descendant of the salem which trials aka what adriana is she is 12th generation Mather.

Other book I’m reading is level up a short indie written romance that has a girl wanting to become a gaming engineer and finally asks her room mate for help who works at the same company now just add a bit of alcohol and gaming you have a great short book with just amazing kick butt MC.

What I recently finished? What I recently finished is all 3 books of the Geekerella series. First book I love sooo much one of my all time fav series so will see me mentioned a lot. Why I love it it’s cinderella my fav, regular person meets celeb and the world is geeky to extreme so I feel like I’m at New York comic con every time I read it. Book 2. It’s ok I thought the romance was super lacking and takes till 60% finally get the feel that Geekerella had but more thru out the story is the nerdy element that I love and to some extent relate to. Book 3. Was also a great book. The romance was on par to Geekerella and no pacing issues that princess and the fan girl had. Minus book 2 both were 5 star reads and highly suggest bookish and the beast and it comes out in August.

What I plan to read to read next? Up next is a big toss up but I want to do a romance but sounding like sorcery of thorns for Alexandra Brackens book club which can join on Alex’s Instagram page. Or go digging for a romance

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

4 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday 5-13-20

    1. It’s ok but felt characters tad annoying just none stop fighting more like and just loops. But second re read going in I knew I didn’t love a lot of it and chemistry was a tad better. But gotta read it to understand more of bookish. But not needed but the world for all of this is amazing every nerds dreams sorta to me. ~~~JT


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