WWW Wednesday 5-27-20

It’s that day of the week!! Hump day! Know what that means it’s WWW Wednesday. What do you ask that is? The 3 w’s. What are you currently reading? What did you recently finish and what is your next read?

1. What I’m currently reading is five feet apart

What this book is about a girl who has CF a condition which makes extra mucus in the lungs and hard to breath. To be honest not sure why I am I don’t do sad books well and I hardly read them but maybe choose it so could buddy read with my friend sam. So far 30% you feel for the characters but just not sticking to me so heavily going a 3 star read for now guess a wait and see.

What I recently finished is sooo many books from the level up series.

These books are so geeky and they are short and I love them on top they are romance so I get my hot steamy scenes I like to read that I don’t get in YA contemporary. Plus most of the books help try to face a issue. Like first book is a gender equality. Tessa is trying hard to become game coder but for now is only just a audio maker for the games. Low and behold she learns from her room mate a spot is opened up who also works with her. You get the idea. So main book has serious luck but MC that has her anxiety’s but when it comes crunch time she is a powerful MC. So this series think Geekerella but add in some romance flare easily 5 out of 5 stars not one book hasn’t been less yet.

What I plan to read next?

Love this book to pieces and will be part of my yearly re reads. It’s super funny, the romance is awesome. Kick butt MC’s and I mean both of them. And side characters just add it over the top. What more can you from a witch and witch hunter. And my fav fantasy read of 2019. So if haven’t read it I beg you please do or add to top of TBR!

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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