*Cover Reveal* The Saved and the Sorry (Kingston City Limits #2)- T. Marie Alexander

The Lost and the Scarred is the first book in the Kingston City Limits series by author, T. Marie Alexander. We’re going to share with you the cover for the highly awaited sequel and the very exclusive blurb. Happy Reading!!

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Exclusive Blurb

Everyone thinks they know my story now, but they know nothing.
All I want is to blend into the background.
To become invisible like I once was.
Like I prefer.
Harley is my only salvation in dealing with the backlash my father cultivated.
That is until I’m offered something I can’t turn down.
Something that has me questioning everything I was taught to be.
Something that could cost me Harley forever.

Possessive. Impulsive. A hothead.
Everyone thinks they know my story. For the most part, they do. I’m all those things and more.
And that’s exactly how I like it.
It worked for me in the past. It kept people from diving in too deep.
But I can’t go on like this anymore.
I can’t keep hurting the one girl that has been my rock.
I need help.
Or I’m going to lose her forever.

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Cover Reveal


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The Saved and the Sorry EBook

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