*Mini Review* The Wrong Girl (Return to Fear Street #2)- R.L. Stine

37811054Bestselling author R.L. Stine returns with a thrilling retro horror story with a terrifying twist, perfect for fans of Stranger Things!

Poppy Miller swears she will get payback for Jack Sabers’s cruel prank that humiliated her in front of all her friends.

Then her classmates start turning up dead.

All eyes are on Poppy. Is Poppy being framed? Or did the kids of Shadyside High mess with the wrong girl?

In this all-new Fear Street story, only one thing’s for sure—someone is out for DEADLY revenge.


My Review

“Her eyes were wide, crazy. She didn’t answer. She stopped a few feet from me. Kids turned to see what was happening. Before I could call out, before I could scream, Heather raised the knife high- and plunged it deep into her own chest.”

I’ve finally made it back for a spooky stroll on Fear Street. I’m ready to scream bloody murder and prepared to get the living daylights scared out of me.

Imagine that it’s the fourth of July and everyone is shooting off fireworks. You don’t know who’s shooting off the biggest and loudest ones but you know that person is out there with a huge eerie grin on their face. Like that meme of all the spider-mans pointing at one another. This is how the mystery flows in this book. It was quite obvious who was the evil killer but it was fun to read all the gruesome happenings that took place to get there.

Spiderman pointing meme in 2020 | Meme template, Cute memes ...

This took no time to go from normal teenage high school life/drama to psychotic evilness. Good fun turning into cold-blooded murder all for the sake of internet fame.

This book wasn’t fantastic but it wasn’t bad either. It reminded me of watching a horror movie that was so bad that it’s actually good. Overall, this kept me entertained and made me appreciate Fear Street even more. I’m still going to continue reading these and cherish them all while I’m still around.


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